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The Foundation's work in sustainable art covers a wide and diverse scope with the SDGs at its heart.

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The natural step following the conclusion of the first World Art Form (WAF) is the establishment of a sustainable art foundation focused on sustainable development. 2022 was a particularly opportune moment since President Abdelfatah Elsissi declared it to be the Year of Civil Society. The purpose of WAF for Development Foundation is to create a sustainable path for the partnership between the fine arts and sustainable development. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees includes prominent national, regional, and international figures in the creative community and the development sector to cement the position of sustainable art as a partner in development.



Fine Art’s universality plays a critical role in bridging the gaps between different communities and cultures. It can shine light on different social, economic, and environmental issues and spark dialogues and creative solutions around them. By adopting the SDGs at the heart of the Foundation’s philosophy, we hope to use all artforms to further sustainable development. The Foundation envisions a positive environment wherein the creative community and businesses can contribute to achieving the SDGs by raising awareness, implementing, and supporting sustainable practices.



Sustainable art has the potential to contribute to numerous SDGs related to economic empowerment (SDGs 1, 8, 9, & 10), environment (SDGs 13, 14, & 15), urban sustainability (SDG 11), sustainable consumption and production (SDG 12), education (SDG 4), social cohesion and community empowerment (SDGs 3, 5, 10, & 16), and sustainable partnership development (SDG 17).


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World Art Forum for Development Foundation and the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development sign a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on sustainable development initiatives.

The MoU was signed by Ms. Randa Fouad, WAFDF President, and Dr. Sherifa Sherif, NIGSD Managing Director.
Fouad stated that art is a universal language and an active partner in sustainable development which lies at the heart of the Foundation's mission. Fouad expressed her excitement to collaborate with the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development after signing a partnership protocol for the implementation of the Sustainable Art and Human Development Initiative in cooperation with several ministries, United Nations agencies, and the private sector. The Initiative focuses on the role of fine art in the form of recycled art in supporting youth and women through a series of workshops, creative contests, and exhibitions that revolve around 3 pillars: sustainable art and handicrafts, entrepreneurship, and the Sustainable Development Goals within the Egypt 2030 strategy.
Dr. Sherifa Sherif remarked that the MoU involves cooperation between the organization on capacity building and training, knowledge sharing, and networking through diverse workshops targeting mainly youth, women, and special needs covering several topics of interest with sustainable development as the most important.
Sherif noted the importance of capacity building as one of the success pillars for any organization through well-planned and structured programs focused on building the skills of workers and employees. She assured the Institute's keenness on partnering with relevant national and international organizations to grow its expertise and benefit from the experience of reputable educational institutions that have a successful track record in the fields of training, capacity building, education, research, and consultation.


The Foundation's work in sustainable art covers a wide and diverse scope with the SDGs at its heart.

  1. Organizing local, regional, and international sustainable art forums and fairs.

  2. Holding sustainable art exhibitions and symposiums.

  3. Facilitating partnerships between creative businesses, artists, and craftsmen, and the development sectors.

  1. Arranging courses on sustainable development, the SDGs, and sustainable art.

  2. Coordinating sustainable art workshops and training courses.

  3. Empower women, youth, and vulnerable groups by providing avenues for participation, trainings, and workshops in artistic and creative fields.


Randa Fouad

 Founder and President of WAFDF

President of World Art Forum for Development Foundation and World Art Forum, Ms. Randa Fouad is an Artist with a Development background.

Started her career after graduating from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science in Cairo University as a Development Communication Expert at the UN then headed the London Times in the Middle East. She later oversaw the implementation of Urban UN Management Program in the Arab Region and became Advisor to several Egyptian Ministers of Environment while heading The Arab Media Forum for Environment and Development.

Ten years ago, Ms. Fouad did a career shift from Development to Arts merging it with social issues. She participated in more than 50 group exhibitions in Egypt and abroad and organized 8 Solo exhibitions.

In 2021 Randa Fouad founded Sustainable Art Management Consultants and co-founded Sheranda World Art and World Art Forum (WAF) that organized its first edition in January 2022 at the National Museum of Egypt Civilization and organized roundtable discussions building partnerships between Artists and Development practitioners. WAF was organized in partnership with UN and under the auspices of the Egyptian Government to promote SDGs.

In March 2022 she was able to transfer World Art Forum WAF into a nonprofit Foundation. The Foundation held the Second Edition of the World Art Forum during the COP 27 in Sharm El Sheikh November 2023. The theme of the second WAF was “Art as a Partner in Climate Action”.

The 3rd edition of World Art Forum was organized at Misr Bank Museum 8th November 2023 and brought together Sustainable Art Ambassadors and creative economy. This Exhibition was a result of the sustainable art and human 1st phase initiative that was implemented during 2023 through training of young artist on Recycled Art, Entrepreneur skills and the concept of SDG's.

WAFDF has organized more than 6 workshops under this theme which resulted in the foundation of Sustainable Art Ambassadors Network.

Ms. Fouad participated as President of WAFDF at COP28 in UAE with special session during which she presented the results and outcomes of Sustainable Art and Human Development 1st phase in 2023.

She is now starting to implement 2nd phase which is under the Theme of The Urban Campaign On the Road to Urban Summit 2024.

Ms. Fouad received in 2021 Women of the World International Award and in 2022 was nominated as one of Egypt’s 50 most influential women in Egypt.

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